A Diary of Healing

A Moving Diary

A video was made of “A Diary of Healing”. It includes many of the photos in the gallery and an audio track by Mary Ann.

From The Artist

I believe there is a redemptive quality to photography. It can take that which is ugly and make it beautiful; not by misleading anyone, but by allowing the viewer to stop and look more deeply at the subject.

Through this process, the moment become distinct; this is where photography lives and breathes. As a photojournalist, my approach to making pictures is not something new or incredibly deep – it is simply to tell the truth. After I become aware of a person’s story, I try to find the visual tools to translate that story as truthfully as possible.

As a photojournalist, I ask the permission of others to be allowed into their lives, to ask questions, to make pictures, in order to learn something that is outside of my own experience and myself.