The Daisy Bowl

The Daisy Bowl 2017Welcome to The 3rd Annual
Daisy Bowl
Powder Puff Football Game!

You are invited to participate in our 3rd Annual Get In Touch powder puff football game, which will be played in cities and towns across the globe during the week leading up to “that-other-big-game-day,” from Saturday, January 28 to Sunday, February 5, 2017!

Play at any point during that week that works for YOU!

What makes this game so special?

You’ll be playing right in your own hometown, with your own friends – and in addition to having an epic amount of fun, your registration fee will benefit The Get In Touch Foundation and our mission to provide free breast health education to girls all over the globe!

Let’s make the week leading up to “that-other-big-game-day” a GET IN TOUCH week where guys and gals of all ages GIT their pink on by showing off their mad-skills on the playing field with a little “Philanthropic-Football.”

Is this game open for women only?

No, this year for the first time, it is open to EVERYONE!

How does it work?

  • Round up your pals and get together a team with at least 5 players and no more than 10 players.
  • Be creative and come up with clever (and appropriate!) names for your teams.
  • Register your team and make your donation of $100 per team to Get In Touch.
  • Find a local football field, a friend’s big backyard, a local park, or even the beach, that you can plan to meet at to play. (Be sure to get a permit if necessary.)
  • Ask one or two friends to join you as referees.
  • Invite your friends and loved ones to come out and cheer your teams on!

What do we need to play?

  • 1 Field
  • 1 Football
  • 10 Players (max) on each team

How do you play powder puff football?

Funny you should ask…you can download the rules for the game that we put together just for you.

Keep in mind that powder puff football can mean flag football to one person and touch football to another. We have put together rules for touch football, but if you are more comfortable playing flag football, go right ahead and do that – we want you to do what your teams want to do!

How old do you have to be to play?

We’ll leave that up to the discretion of each team according to their ability. Kids are definitely welcome, though!

Do we need uniforms? How will we tell our teams apart?

2017 Daisy BowlYou don’t need uniforms. Your teams can agree to wear matching colors, yet different from the opposing team. But if you’d like to, you can order special edition Daisy Bowl 2017 shirts. There are short-sleeve ($7) and long-sleeve ($8) shirts available in white and in black – you’ll have to decide which team will wear which color.

Click here for info to order shirts – make sure you get them in time for “game-day!”

Hurry! You must order by January 18, 2017 for out of state and January 20, 2017 for pick-up in IL.

Is there a prize for the winning team?

Well you know what we’re going to say, don’t you…we’re ALL winners because we came out in support of a great charity doing lifesaving work, we had some fun, got some exercise, and made “that-other-big-game-day” our own!

GUESS WatchesBuuuut…we do have a little something for one lucky team that registers and plays that day! One team will be randomly selected from all those that register and play that day. Each player (up to 10) from that team will receive a Door Prize of a special edition GUESS Sparkling Pink Daisy Wheel Watch to commemorate the day and as a reminder that it is always #timetoGIT!

Check out the watch here. 10% of the sales of this gorgeous special edition watch benefit Get In Touch.

What else do you need from us?

Pictures – We’d LOVE for you to send us lots of pics from that day so we can include them in our monthly Get In Touch Newsletter and on social media!

Tweets – Be sure to Tweet @GetInTouch, post on Instagram tagging @getintouchfoundation, and tag Facebook photos using the hashtags #DaisyBowl and #timetoGIT2017.

Winning Team Picture – And if your team wins the GUESS “Sporting Pink” Watches, we do require that you take and send us a team picture of you all sporting your new timepieces that can be used in future promotional materials.

What’s the deadline to register?

Since you have the option to play between January 28th and February 5th, you can register right up to February 5th. If you’d like to order team shirts, though, you’ll need to place your orders soon to make sure you’ll have them in time for game-day.

I’d like to make it a fundraising event, too. Is that easy?

It sure is! You can use our Crowdrise page to set up your own fundraising event and pages. Each team or team member can even have their own page!

What else should I know?

You should know that if you register to play in The Daisy Bowl, whether it is with your friends, parents, children, cousins or friends, you are helping The Get In Touch Foundation continue its lifesaving mission to provide free Daisy Wheels to girls all over the globe. Play a little powder puff football and save some lives…not bad for a cold week in February!

Hope Lives!