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As shown below, the back of the Daisy Wheel has corresponding diagrams to match each “petal.”  We want you to get the idea and see how easy it is to do a BSE – for life!daisy wheel breast self exam tips

Daisy Wheel 8 Tips

  1. BSE Breast Self Exam – Think of your breast as a daisy.
  2. Look at your breasts in the mirror – hands on hips – tighten your chest. Anything weird? Discharge, puckering, dimpling?
  3. Lying down, firmly press 3 fingers on your breast in a circular motion. Examine each “petal.”
  4. Apply 3 different levels of pressure – light, medium, firm – with your finger pads to check your breast tissue.
  5. Use pressure level (L, M, F) on each “petal” before moving to the next.
  6. Start by your armpit and move down to just below your breast, using the same circular motion in an up and down pattern, covering your whole breast. Repeat on other breast.
  7. Sitting or standing, raise your arm slightly and use the same circular motions with your finger pads to examine your underarm. (Standing in the shower is a great place to do this!)
  8. Did you see or feel something that worries you? Don’t be embarrassed – tell your mother, father, sister, grandmother, school nurse, teacher, your BFF! Talk about it – GET IN TOUCH!

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FYI: Requests keep coming in from medical centers, cancer centers and breast centers – all interested in obtaining Daisy Wheels for their breast cancer patients. Providing Daisy Wheels to women being treated for breast cancer allows these women to share the important knowledge of BSE with their loved ones. While Daisy Wheels are provided to schools at no cost, you can buy them here or by contacting us at 203.283.5127. Thanks for joining us as we “change the world one girl at a time!”

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