‘GIT’ Involved

Be Creative

Here’s your chance to get a little crazy, and a lot creative!  We encourage you to use your imagination – and sense of fun – to raise funds for, build awareness of, and contribute to GIT!

We’ve got loads of ideas for you, so scroll around this site and GIT some inspiration!

“GIT Your Pink On!”

You don’t have to do it in October – any time’s a perfect time to wear pink and raise funds for us! Host a bake sale, sell custom t-shirts, run a car wash, or sell pink daisies for a dollar apiece…every dollar counts.

Make a Donation

It’s easier than ever to make donations to GIT – just go to our Donate page!

Your donations help ensure that we can continue to provide our Girls’ Program and Daisy Wheels to schools at no cost.

Donate Your Time

Help us by:

  • volunteering at one of our “Pretty in Pink” events,
  • contacting school nurses in your area, encouraging them to sign up for our FREE Girls’ Program,
  • serving on one of our board’s committees,
  • asking your pediatrician if they’re willing to buy Daisy Wheels to give to their patients,
  • set up a fundraiser on our Crowdrise fundraising site, or…
  • something else we haven’t thought of!