Some exciting 2013 GIT milestones and facts…

  • Our Girls’ Program is now being implemented in 26 countries;
  • Cape Cod, MA, Charlotte, NC, Charlottesville, PA and New York City hosted their first Pretty In Pink events;
  • Our free Daisy Wheel app has now been downloaded in 80 countries;
  • GIT’s story is featured prominently in the Founder’s book, “A Diary of Healing: My Intense and Meaningful Life with Cancer”



  • We participated in the O: The Oprah Magazine/Crocs “100 Women, 100 Shoes” initiative;
  • We hired a Grants Coordinator and a “GIT Your Pink On!” Day Coordinator;
  • We hosted our first Pretty In Pink event in Pittsburgh, PA;
  • We launched our brand new Get In Touch Youth Ambassador Program;
  • Our Girls’ Program is now being implemented in all 50 states;
  • Our free Daisy Wheel app has been downloaded in 73 countries;
  • We booked a new Pretty In Pink event for 2013 in Cape Cod, MA;
  • and, fun for the girls we serve…Justin Bieber Tweeted about Get In Touch!



  • To date, GIT distributed 81,273 Daisy Wheels;
  • Our Girls’ Program is being implemented in 12 countries;
  • Our free Daisy Wheel app was downloaded 1,261 times, in 53 countries;
  • Laces for Lana decided to donate their proceeds exclusively to GIT



  • Bright Starts/Kids II named Mary Ann one of eight Pink Power Moms, nominated for being role models to their families and communities in their inspirational fight against breast cancer.  GIT receives a sizable donation as a result;
  • Mary Ann won a contract from Balboa Press (to publish her memoir, A Diary of Healing: My Intense and Meaningful Life with Cancer) at Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference in California



  • In May, GIT piloted the Girls’ Program in Milford, CT schools;
  • In June,  Mary Ann attended the National Association of School Nurses Conference, carrying 3,000 brochures and 3 Daisy Wheel samples;
  • On September 1, Mary Ann emailed school nurses she’d met earlier in the year at the NASN Conference inviting them to sign up for the free Girls’ Program on our website;
  • By September 2, schools in 23 states signed up!  Our strategic plan was to launch the program in Connecticut in ’09, New England in ’10, and nationally in ’11…wow!  Time for an updated plan!