Supporting Our Daisy Wheel™

The Daisy Wheel is an interactive, easy-to-use tool that outlines the 8 steps necessary to perform a breast self-exam. We recognized the need for resources to support the Daisy Wheel tool, so we teamed up with school nurses and health educators to create them.

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Our Toolkit

The breast health resources that support our Daisy Wheel are available to download here, in Our Toolkit – for FREE. The beauty of Our Toolkit is that there are various resources for all different audiences. Whether a small 5th grade class, a large high school assembly, an office workshop, or for a family member– we have options you can choose from.

GIT Girls Program Resource Toolkit

Download the Toolkit bundle here, or explore individual resources below.

Daisy Wheel Breast Self-Exam Tool From Get In Touch

The Daisy Wheel™

Educate students in grades 5-12 on the 8 steps necessary to perform a breast self-exam. Daisy Wheels are available for free to school nurses and health educators and can also be purchased in our store.

GIT Girls Program Resources | Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Facilitate open and honest discussion surrounding breast health and the Daisy Wheel with these 10 questions we have prepared for you.

GIT Girls Program Resources | Posted Reminder

Posted Reminder

Use this posted reminder to hang in a nurse’s office or locker room to encourage regular breast self-examination.

GIT Girls Program Resources | Daisy Wheel Calendar

Daisy Wheel Calendar

Print this monthly calendar to keep track of when you perform your regular breast self-examinations.

GIT Girls Program Resources | Fun Quiz

Fun Quiz

Recap the Daisy Wheel’s 8 tips upon completion of a breast health class.

GIT Girls Program Resources | Coloring Sheet

Coloring Sheet

Occupy some time with this fun coloring sheet!
It can be used for a Breast Health Awareness Coloring Contest, or as a relaxing activity.

GIT Girls Program Resources | Daisy Wheel Instructional Video

Daisy Wheel Instructional Video

In this 8-minute “informational video,” Founder, Mary Ann Wasil, instructs girls on how to do a breast
self-exam, using a giant Daisy Wheel model.