We Love School Nurses!

In the United States alone there are more than 73,000 School Nurses who are on the front lines of healthcare for our children, and oftentimes they are the only form of healthcare a child may ever have. From New Hampshire to New Mexico…Massachusetts to Montana…Alabama to Alaska…the Netherlands to Nigeria…South Korea to Spain…we are in awe of the sacrifices School Nurses all over the globe make to provide exemplary care, extraordinary compassion, and lifesaving education to our children.

At Get In Touch, we rely on School Nurses to make our mission a movement, bringing breast health education to girls all over the world, giving girls the tools they need to become strong, smart, healthy women. By doing so, School Nurses provide us all with a healthy future. We Love School Nurses!

If you are a school nurse, we sure hope you offer our Girls’ Program at your school.

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