Is this really a free program?


Do I have to host a “GIT Your Pink On!” Day to receive the program?

No. But we sure hope you’ll help us defray the cost – no amount raised is too small!

Is the Daisy Wheel available in other languages?”

Unfortunately, no.  But you and your students can view the Daisy Wheel in many languages besides English here on this site by clicking the “Select Language” button at the top of each page. How cool is that?!

What is the best way to implement the program at my school?

The beauty of our program is that the Daisy Wheel IS the program and you get to implement it the way that is most appropriate for your students.

For example, many School Nurses and Health Educators find the following way to work really well:

  • Hand out the Daisy Wheels to the students as they arrive in class or in the assembly.
  • Play the instructional video and have the students follow along.
  • Invite the students to ask questions after the video. This can be a lively Q&A, and depending upon the personalities and ages of your students, it can also be tight-lipped!
  • That’s the beauty of our program, you can let YOUR students drive the session.

Many School Nurses and Health Educators invite a school parent or faculty member who is a breast cancer survivor to talk about the importance of breast HEALTH. It is important to keep the focus on HEALTH since Get In Touch is a breast health organization and we feel strongly that young people should learn about breast health before they learn about breast cancer. This  sets them up to be empowered rather than afraid.

And don’t forget to complete our online evaluation after you implement the program – your input is invaluable!

What if we aren’t able to implement the program this way?

Not to worry. We developed the Daisy Wheel to have everything necessary to learn the importance of and how to do a breast self exam.

We recognize the fact that not all schools have the time or personnel to implement the program the way we described above. If this is the case for you and your school, please order the Daisy Wheels, anyway. Putting a Daisy Wheel into the hands of your students and telling them to go to the website to check out the instructional video to learn more may not be the ideal way to engage, but it is better that they have the information than having no information at all.