The Daisy Wheel

The Daisy Wheel is an interactive, easy-to-use tool in Our ToolKit that outlines the 8 steps necessary to perform a breast self-exam. Each of the 8 steps on the front of the Daisy Wheel is displayed in a peek-a-boo window, fashioned after a gerbera daisy petal, and includes a visual aid of the 8 steps on the back.

Daisy Wheel Breast Self-Exam Tool

The 8 steps of a breast self-exam.

These are the 8 steps we suggest when performing a breast self-exam, and are the core of our Daisy Wheel©. We encourage you to make breast self-examination a part of your healthy routine – like brushing your teeth!

Breast Self-Exam - Step 1
BSE - Breast Self Exam
Think of your breast as a daisy.
Breast Self-Exam - Step 2
Look at your breasts in the mirror – hands on hips tighten your chest. Anything weird? Discharge, puckering, dimpling?
Breast Self-Exam - Step 3
Lying down, firmly press 3 fingers on your breast in a circular motion. Examine each petal.
Breast Self-Exam - Step 4
Apply 3 different levels of pressure — light, medium, firm — with your finger pads to check your breast tissue.
Breast Self-Exam - Step 5
Use each pressure level (L, M, F) on each “petal” before moving to the next.
Breast Self-Exam - Step 6
Start by your armpit and move down to just below your breast, using the same circular motion in an up and down pattern, covering your whole breast. ( Repeat on other breast )
Breast Self-Exam - Step 7
Sitting or standing — raise your arms slightly and use the same circular motion with your finger pads to examine your underarm. ( Standing in the shower is a great place to do this! )
Breast Self-Exam - Step 8
Did you see or feel something that worries you? Don’t be embarrassed — tell your mom, dad, sister, grandma, school nurse, teacher, your BFF!
Talk about it — GET IN TOUCH!
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